Hello world! (Not really)

Hey there!

No idea how you stumbled across this site. But it’s probably because I told you to and since you’re here why not stay a little while.

What is this blog about?
Generally, it’s just another blog. A dump for my dumb ideas and how they worked out, or rather, didn’t. It will also be an informative website for any potential employers in the future. Someone might just like the technobabble that’s going on here.

The first thing I want to document here is my Journey through the Cisco Certification process. While I do play around with computers since my whole life I never used them in a industrial setting. I never heard of IOS and other Cisco related technology before and I intent to change that. (Actually I do know about IOS meanwhile).

The second thing would be my development on the ESL-2A. A 16 LED device used for… Well nothing much really, just fun and programming. Pictures will come as soon as the first prototype works. (Which is soon).

And that’s it for now. Stay tuned, there might just turn something up in here!